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What We Are About

Joensuu Entrepreneurship Society is a student run community, which supports and encourages people to do stuff on their own through networking, collaborative learning and development. We are for the curious people who are eager to learn by doing and trying. Here ideas can be turned into action in an inspiring environment where bad ideas don’t exist.

Organise Events

We want to increase student entrepreneurship and provide projects and possibilities to improve skills through practise. Our activities are organized and targeted for higher education students and alumni in the Joensuu region, and focus strongly on networking, collaborative learning and development.

Get People Together

We are all about collecting people with ideas together. The aim is to gather students from various higher educations into a one big team. Our mission is to bring academic know-how together with practical knowledge and entrepreneurs to create a diverse network. Our vision is to encourage start-up entrepreneurship through informal gatherings and various types of events.

Inform About Entrepreneurship

We want to make students aware of the possibilities of being an entrepreneur and inspiring them to work towards their goals. We do this through workshops and talks to inspire especially students to learn more about entrepreneurship and the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Our previous Awesome Team

This is the Board 2017, info of the new board 2018 is coming up. If you have any urgent questions, please contact our new Chairman, Väinö Haapamäki at 045 2039430

Tiia Koskinen


Elina Holopainen

Vice Chairwoman

Emma Lilleberg

Financial controller

Marie Okkonen


Joonas Rauha


Luna Nguyen

Event Coordinator

Toni Simonen

Marketing Coordinator

Anita Högbacka

Marketing Coordinator

Joonas Ruokolainen

Graphic Designer

David Gil de Gómez Pérez

Deputy / Bowtie Lover

Eino Iivari

Deputy / Mad Hatter

Victor Gonzalo

Deputy / IT-master

This is the current board. Anyone is welcome to our open meetings and activities as a member. Usually it is easier to make the transition to the board if you have been an active member.

Cooperation Partners